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Why Is The Toilet Pipe Leaking When I Flush?

Why Is The Toilet Pipe Leaking When I Flush

Toilets are some of the most reliable systems in any home. They serve you well for a long time, even with the most minimal care, and don't easily break down.

Still, it's not unusual to see your toilet leaking at the base and have water spilling onto the floor. If you see such an occurrence, it's best to call a professional to assess and repair the damage before you incur huge repair or replacement costs.

Maybe Why Your Toilet Pipe is Leaking When You Flush?

A toilet leak typically happens when the seal under your toilet fails. If you see water pooling around your toilet base, it's a good sign because it means your wax seal is failing and needs replacing.

However, in some cases, the issue can arise from somewhere else. Here are some possible reasons why your toilet is leaking at base anytime you flush:

  • Your fill or supply valves are loose

  • A cracked toilet tank

  • The flapper isn't shutting as it should over the valve seat, causing the flush valve to leak

  • The nuts and bolts aren't tight

  • Sweaty bowl

To check whether your toilet is leaking when you flush, soak up the water from your floor using a dry sponge and a towel. Wait until you see the puddle again and check where the water is coming from. A leaking toilet can cause potential damage to your subfloor and bathroom tile, not to mention that it is also unsanitary.

This Old House gives you a visual on where to see those potential leaks:

Some of these issues are easily fixable at home. Like in the video, if you just completed a remodel product and the floor is not leave - don't just hope the wax ring will fix your leveling problem; call in a professional plumber.