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Why is My Water Heater Leaking from the Top?

why is my water heater leaking from the top

If your water heater leaks from the top, you might wonder if it can be fixed. If you don’t solve the issue, you are likely to encounter even more severe problems. Identifying the cause of the leakage can help determine the best way to solve the problem.

Common Reasons Why Water Leaks from the Top

Loose Pipe fittings (most commonly found on calls)

Water enters and leaves the water heater through outlet and inlet connections. Over time these connections can loosen and cause leakages.

In most cases, check the outlet and inlet fittings with your fingers and see whether there is a leakage.

Leakages commonly occur at points where pipes connect to the fittings.

Consider tightening the pipe or fitting with a wrench if this is the case. Too much pressure on your tightening could worsen the leak or damage the pipe permanently, requiring new piping.

Faulty outlet/Inlet Valve (not always the tank it can be from the piping above)

The cold water going into a water heater goes through the inlet valve. A faulty or loose inlet valve can be the cause of a leakage.