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What is the best drain cleaning chemical?

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

What is the best drain cleaning chemical
Just because the marketing message is pretty DOESN'T mean it leaves your pipes pretty.

Plumber’s Point of View on Drain Cleaning Products

⚠️ The truth is, that while there are chemicals that will clean your drain, there aren't any chemicals that will clean your drains without harming them.

The only product any professional plumber will recommend you using as a drain cleaning liquid is BioOne. Please note that this is not an advertisement for BioOne; we are merely validating this as a safer, environmentally friendly alternative to store-bought cleaners.

The best and most effective way to safely clean your drain is to allow us to use our hydro jetting cleaning service.

Routine cleanings will save you more in the long run than having to repair or replace your drainpipe after they’ve been damaged by corrosive cleaners.

What Causes Drains to Block?


This is entirely dependent on the location of the drain.

Drains in your bathroom are more likely to get blocked with a buildup of hair and soap, whereas drains in the kitchen are most likely to become blocked with a mixture of congealed oils and greases.


What has caused them to block, it's important to ensure that your drains are cleaned regularly in order to prolong their lifespan and to avoid any costly repair bills.

The Different Types of Drain Cleaning Chemicals and What They're Best For

There are three main types of liquid drain cleaners. Each of these cleaners are best-suited for a number of different roles.

To work out the type that is best for you, you first need to establish your requirements.

1️⃣ Enzymatic Drain Cleaners

This kind of cleaner contains a bacteria that produces an enzyme that feeds on clogs. These cleaners are formulated for regular use and are only suitable for use with clogs made of hair or other lightweight matter.

Even with soft blockages that can take hours, in some cases an entire day, to clear. Enzymatic cleaners are usually the least harmful to your drain pipes, although this is reflected in the lack of potency and effectiveness of the cleaning.

2️⃣ Caustic Drain Cleaners

These drain cleaners are made from chemicals such as sodium hydroxide that dissolves blockages into a frothy substance that easily washes away.

They excel at removing food and grease and do so in a relatively short time span - usually as little as 30 minutes.

These kinds of cleaners should only be used on newer plastic and metal pipes as they can be extremely harmful to older plastics and pipes made of brass, aluminium, or galvanized steel. Caustic cleaners are also potentially harmful to humans as well and can burn the skin as well as irritate the eyes and nose.

3️⃣ Acidic Drain Cleaners

These are the most powerful kind of drain cleaners and they will remove any kind of blockage in mere minutes.

However, not all products are as miraculous as their labeling makes them out to be. The hard truth is these products are extremely corrosive and as such are rarely sold in stores - instead being predominantly available from online retailers.

These cleaners basically burn a hole through these tough blockages, essentially creating a pathway for flowage, but not eliminating or cleaning the remaining debris from your drainpipe.

Arguments can be made that these products are acceptable if your pipes are newer, but in reality, you will still be faced with corrosion with prolonged use.

G&C Plumbing believes the negatives outweigh the positives with this type of drain cleaner.


Contact Your Local Plumber Today

There is another option that can help you to keep your drains clean. G and C Plumbing and Heating of Franklin, MA, can help you to take care of your drains. Taking advantage of our jet and clean service on a regular basis is a more cost-effective solution than having to repair or replace them after they've been damaged by corrosive cleaners.


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