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Urgent News: Gas and Oil Going Away

urgent news gas and oil incentive going away

The Urgent Change to Mass Save® in 2024 if you use Gas or Oil

A significant change to the Mass Save® program in 2024. The program is discontinuing all incentives on gas and oil equipment. This means homeowners who wish to replace a gas or oil furnace or a gas boiler and receive Mass Save's 0% loan and rebates must do so before the deadlines. After April 30, 2024, only electric heat pump systems will qualify for the Mass Save program's benefits.

Understanding the Mass Save Program is a collaboration of Massachusetts' largest utility companies, including National Grid and Eversource, aimed at helping homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient. Through the Mass Save® program, homeowners can access:

  • A 0% loan for up to seven years

  • Rebates of up to $10,000 on a new HVAC system

  • Assistance throughout the process from start to finish

Who is Eligible for the Mass Save Program?

Not all homeowners in Massachusetts are eligible for the Mass Save program. Eligibility is typically determined by whether you have a National Grid or Eversource account for either gas or electric.

If you do, you are likely to be eligible. However, customers with municipal electric accounts might only qualify if they also have a National Grid gas line.

Can a Gas or Oil Fueled Heating System be Installed in 2024?

Yes, a gas—or oil-fueled heating system can be installed in 2024, but only for a little while longer. The deadline for fulfilling all the financing requirements is April 30, 2024.

Only after this date will electric heat pump systems qualify for financing and rebates from the Mass Save program. This is an important consideration for homeowners who prefer to stay on natural gas or oil.

The Process of Availing the Mass Save Program Benefits

Availing the benefits of the Mass Save program is a straightforward process. Homeowners can visit the website or call the Mass Save program representatives to set up a consultation (this is a third party that will come out and perform an Energy Audit. The advisor will also provide information on rebate and financing eligibility through the Mass Save program.

Again, if you are even thinking about it, this needs to be implemented today. April 30th is a month away, and the process needs to begin before then.


The Mass Save program substantially benefits homeowners looking to upgrade their home's heating and cooling systems.

However, with changes coming into effect in 2024, homeowners must act quickly to take advantage of these incentives. The process is simple, with Mass Save representatives ready to assist every step of the way.

Homeowners in Massachusetts are encouraged to reach out and get started on this process as soon as possible.

Please call us with any questions you may have

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