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Understanding The Difference Between Drain Cleaning And Clogged Drain Services

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Difference Between Drain Cleaning and Clogged Drain Services
Not sure what the difference is? Let us explain

When it comes to plumbing and home maintenance, there is a lot of confusion about the differences between drain cleaning and clogged drains. Which type of service do you need to restore your pipes after a clog? What’s the difference between the two? Find out in this blog post now!

Drain Cleaning Keeps Your Drain, Pipes & Lines Stay Clean And Functioning Properly

As the name implies, drain cleaning focuses on cleaning and clearing your pipes, allowing water to move freely throughout your plumbing. This can be done with a variety of techniques, including snakes and chemical cleaners. However, the most common and versatile method of drain cleaning is hydro jetting.

This type of cleaning uses a special machine that will deliver a highly-pressurized blast of water into your pipes. This will blast away debris, dirt, and buildup in your pipes, and clean the lines to ensure that water can drain freely from your appliances and sinks.

Hydro jetting is usually the preferred method of cleaning out your plumbing system because it eliminates potential clogs and debris buildup throughout the entire system. Not only does it clean your pipes thoroughly, but it can also help prevent future clogs, making it a great investment.

You don’t necessarily need a clog to benefit from drain cleaning services. In fact, cleaning your pipes before a clog occurs means you’ll be able to avoid backups, and the inconvenience of a clogged sink, shower, toilet, or other plumbing appliance.

Clogged Drain Services Are Intended To Clear Major Blockages In Your Plumbing

In contrast to drain cleaning services, clogged drain services are required when a clog has built up in your drain, pipes, or other plumbing elements, and water can no longer flow freely into your sewer. Clogged drains usually occur if you are not cleaning your plumbing system regularly.

Usually, clogged drains end up costing more money to repair. Often, it takes longer to clean away a particular clog than it would to simply clean your pipes before a clog forms, and the process is typically more expensive.

In addition, you could face additional costs related to the clogged drain. Serious clogs that cause buildup in water pressure could cause a pipe to burst, or an overflowing toilet, shower or sink that is not noticed right away could end up causing water damage.

Regular Drain Cleaning Is The Best Way To Avoid Costly Clogs & Backups

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is definitely true when it comes to plumbing services. If you notice that one of your drains is not working properly or seems to be slowing down, you should get your drains cleaned right away.

With regular drain cleaning, you can prevent the buildup of debris that could lead to a clog – and avoid potentially costly water damage from drainage overflows, and other such problems. So pay attention to your pipes, make sure you get your drains and pipes cleaned regularly, and keep your plumbing systems in great shape.

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Anthony Milburn
Anthony Milburn
Mar 21, 2023

Thanks for clearing this up. I told my partner about our drains feeling clogged so they told me to get a cleaning service even if that isn't the problem. Now that we know what to get, we'll have the services from this site to help us solve our problem and hopefully get our drains running smoothly again.

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