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5 Bizarre Leaking Pipe Joint Facts You Need to Know

5 Bizzare Leaking Pipe Joint Facts You Need to Know
Joints and angles are both most times meant for staying in code.

We've all come across leaky pipes around the home. While it's easy to think that a leaking pipe here and another one there isn't an issue, the truth is that if left unattended, things can get out of hand.

But when is the right time to fix a leaking pipe joint?

Well, we recommend getting them fixed before you start experiencing other plumbing problems.

Why You May Have Leaky Pipes

1. Old Pipes

Pipes are made out of long-lasting material to serve you for a long time, but they aren't meant to last an eternity.

With time, pipes become corroded due to their material and water type like iron. When corrosion happens, the pipe begins to weaken and slowly breaks down.

This can eventually lead to a leak that may create costly plumbing problems if not fixed immediately.

2. Damaged Seals

Plumbers usually use rubber seals in areas connecting faucets and pipes to keep the connection watertight.

Again, these seals can only work for so long as they wear out with time leading to damage or breakage. If a seal is broken or damaged, it breaks the watertight seal causing water to get out. Whenever you see water near a fixture, it indicates that the seal is either loose, broken, or damaged.

3. Excess Water Pressure

Using high water pressure may feel nice when taking a shower, but too much of it can damage your pipes. The more force water uses to move through the pipes, the higher the risk of damaging the pipes.