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Water Leak Fix Repair

Water pipe crack or break is typically the reason you find water in your kitchen or bathroom floors or walls.

Common Types of Pipe Leaks in Homes Around Franklin, MA

Wondering what types of leaks are the most common in homes in Franklin, MA? Here a few common types of leaks that may affect your property.

  • Toilet leak – Toilets are often caused by the toilet being improperly seated and caulked against the floor

  • Shower, Bathtub or Sink leak – Leaks are also common in showers with worn-out grout, or in bathtubs that may be cracked or damaged.

  • Faucet leak – Faucet leaks are common in bathrooms and kitchens, and can be caused by worn-out fittings and pipe connections, or a crack in the water supply line.

  • Water heater leak – Mysterious water pooling in your basement or utility area can be caused by a water heater leak, which usually indicates a serious problem with your water tank.

  • Behind drywall water leak – These leaks can be hard to diagnose, and are often caused by cracked or corroded pipes. They can be caused by leaky toilets, sinks, and showers, or even by a faulty roof, in some cases.

It’s important to work with a professional plumber to diagnose the cause of the behind-drywall water leak right away, and resolve it to prevent damage to your home.

Not sure what to do?

Call G&C Plumbing and Heating, during office hours we can provide same day service.

We’re the best choice for homeowners in and around the Franklin area who are experiencing a leak in your home.

Don’t Ignore the Issue - Dangers of an Untreated Water Leak

Any leak in your home is a big deal, even if you only notice a small spot on a wall. If you don’t look into the issue right away, you could be faced with issues such as:

  • Permanent moisture damage to drywall – Water leaks can rot your drywall, softening it and damaging its structural integrity permanently.

  • Mold & mildew growth – Mildew and mold thrive in dark, wet environments. A leak behind a wall or under your floor is the perfect place for these microorganisms to thrive – so untreated leaks can endanger your family’s health.

  • Damage to electrical lines – Over time, an untreated leak could corrode electrical wires, damaging your electrical system and even causing a higher risk of an electrical short that could result in a house fire.

  • Rotting wood supports – Moisture can damage wood supports and beams, particularly if you live in an area with termites, which are attracted to moist, softened wood. This could lead to serious structural damage in your home.

With years of experience, reasonable rates, and customer satisfaction guaranteed, we can ensure that your leak is identified and resolved ASAP – which protects your property from damage, and keeps your family safe.

- Lucia T.

I have a tub leak that caused first floor ceiling water damage. G&C Plumbing came out within hours to assess and fix. They were on time (even early actually) and quickly assessed and fixed the problem. They were reasonably priced and professional.


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