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Leaky Faucet Repairs and Sink Installs

Tired of the leaky faucet and the YouTube faucet repair tutorials aren't cutting it. Read more about our reliable faucet and sink services...

Sink Repairs and Installations

Whether you’re adding a new sink or repairing an existing one, installing sinks can be quite complex. They need to connect to water lines and seals need to be tight. That’s where a professional plumber can help.

Common Sink Problems

Generally speaking, the sink in the kitchen and bathroom can see the most damage because they are frequently used. While you might want to explore a DIY approach, hiring an experienced plumber can help you avoid more costly repairs.

Common sink plumbing problems can include:

  • Low water pressure

  • Slow drainage and clogs

  • A leaky faucet or loose faucet

  • A jammed garbage disposal

Serving Bellingham and surrounding areas, G&C Plumbing & Heating is ranked as one of the best plumbers in Massachusetts. Need a quick faucet repair? Call us at (508) 426-6969.

- Jenny D.

We needed a sink and faucet replaced after a pipe cracked on our old sink and then we also needed the piping fixed under the kitchen sink because the piece that broke got stuck in the pipe! I am impressed and I LOVE MY NEW FUNCTIONING KITCHEN SINK. You guys are the legit best.


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