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Dishwasher Installation

Installing a new dishwasher is always exciting times. Let us take the stress out of the plumbing hookup.

What Happens if Appliances are Installed Incorrectly?

When an appliance isn’t installed correctly, it can lead to flooding damage in your home or it can cause serious injuries:

  • Garbage disposals have sharp blades and have to be installed properly to prevent injury.

  • Dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators require water and electricity. These need hookups to drains, pipes, and electrical outlets.

  • A tiny leak from a dishwasher can go unnoticed until you learn you have a mold problem in the basement.

  • Some homeowners make the mistake of ordering an appliance that doesn’t fit their space.

When you install a new dishwasher, it can save water and energy. But, having it installed properly should also be high on your list. If not installed correctly it could void the warranty or worse it can leak and damage the floors.

To prevent costly repairs, let G&C Plumbing & Heating help with your appliance installation.

We can help with all kinds of kitchen appliance installations like that new garbage disposal. Because it requires electricity and uses blades, don’t risk your new installation to just anyone you find online. Trust it with qualified experts.

Other Appliances We Install for Customer

Our experienced and licensed technicians will ensure proper installations that meet building regulations and codes.

Our appliance installation service includes:

  • Dishwashers

  • Dryers

  • Garbage disposals

  • Hot water dispensers

  • Refrigerators and ice dispensers

  • Washing machines

  • Water filters

  • Water softeners

With our experienced team of technicians, we’ll ensure all plumbing and electrical connections are safe.

  1. We can disconnect existing appliances and set up all new appliances.

  2. We’ll test your new appliances to confirm there are no leaks.

  3. We’ll level your appliances to ensure proper functionality and operation.

  4. We can even dispose of your old appliances for you!

With transparent pricing and affordable payment plans, we can help with your upgrade or home remodeling project. If you would like a quote now or have questions about your new appliance installation, contact at (508) 541-8783.

- Nicole W.

Barry and Jimmy were such a refreshing joy to work with. They were right on time, organized, professional and very well equipped on every level to do our dishwasher installation. The job was done perfectly, and it was done seamlessly in a short amount of time.


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