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Drain Pipe Repair and Replacement

When considering all the drain repair services near me - nobody compares to G&C Plumbing - we provide a free video inspection of your pipe.

Do you need drain repair services in Bellingham, MA?

We provide excellent drain pipe repair and replacement services. We carefully diagnose your pipes to find the cause of the problem and recommend repair or replacement.

We repair and replace kitchen sink drains and drain lines behind walls, under floors, or concrete slabs. Our expertise is in cast-iron drain pipe repair and replacement. We also repair sewer lines.

Signs of a Problematic Drain in Bellingham, MA

Here are telltale signs that your drain pipes need repairs or replacement. Call us if:

  • Your drain is slow and sluggish

  • You notice wetness and dampness along drainage lines.

  • You see mold and mildew on the walls.

  • Your drain emits a foul smells

  • You experience frequent drain blockages despite several unclogging attempts.

  • You spot insects or rodents coming out of the drain.

  • You see reflux coming from the drains.

It is not always easy to differentiate between a clog and damage in the drain - that is the work of an expert. It will end up costing you more for trial and error solutions.

Get Drain Repair Services Today

A drain problem needs immediate intervention. The cost of staying with a problematic drain is much higher than getting help immediately after you detect the problem. Unrepaired drains increase damage risks in your home.

  • Leaky drains damage your walls and floors.

  • Wet patches on the walls and floors create a favorable condition for mold and mildew growth.

  • Holes in drains can let rodents into your home.

  • Sewage leakages can also find their way into the main system of the home

  • Drain water percolating can ruin the foundation of your home

  • Hire a professional plumber to fix your drain pipe problems, using their expertise to identify, repair, or replace your drain pipes.

Get in Touch With Us

At G&C Plumbing & Heating, we provide cast-iron drain pipe repair and replacement services for residential homes in Bellingham, MA. We fix and install new drain pipes on kitchen sinks, behind walls and under floors, and on concrete slabs. Call us today (508) 426-6969 if your drain pipes need repair or fixing.

- Dale B

Before they started he let me know how much the cost would be. They were done within the hour. Not only did he fix the leak, but felt that the pipe needed some more support and put clips along it. Very satisfied with the work.


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