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Best Method to Clogged Drain Services

Whether the clog is in the p trap or beyond we can camera the drain line and resolve the clog in your sink, shower, tub or sewer line.

Unfortunately, not all problems can be resolved with a snake or plunger. Pipes can rust and become corroded over time.

Clogged pipes are a big problem. Whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom, a stopped up drain can lead to pools of water, debris, and bacteria. If you use harsh drain cleaning solvents, you might risk damaging or corroding your pipes.

Our experienced technicians can help with your slow drain and get the water flowing again.

Problems with a Clogged Sink or Shower Drain

Over time, grease, fat, and soap in your kitchen sink can adhere to the pipes. And, depending on the detergent you use, it might build up and start to clog your pipes which can eventually flood your drain. When your pipes are clogged, water can pool up around the drain in your kitchen sink or your bathroom sink or tub. And, if you use a plunger and it doesn’t work, let us know.

Clogged Drain Problems:

  • Water is backing up in the sink or tub.

  • Water is draining slower than usual and forming pools.

  • The drain sounds like it’s gurgling or making bubbles.

  • There’s a sour odor or rancid smell coming from the drain.

Get Your Drains Flowing Again

That’s not a problem for us! At G&C Plumbing & Heating, we specialize in all types of plumbing repairs. And, we understand the frustrations that set in when a drain is clogged. Because you don’t want to use harsh chemicals that can erode your pipes, contact us. Our experienced plumbers can help with every type of drain problem for your kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom.

We’ll cut through the clogs and get the debris out of your pipes safely. We can also check your pipes for other problems like rust and signs of breakdown due to age and wear-and-tear.

Contact G&C Plumbing & Heating at (508) 426-6969 if you have drainage problems with your sink or tub, we can use a snake or sink machine to rid the area of debris.

- Betsy B.

Casey showed up right on time and was able to get to us the morning that we called about our clogged sinks. He explained clearly what seemed to be the problem and was thorough in discussing our options.


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