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Deciding between a new combi boiler or boiler replacement

Here at G&C Plumbing, we have the knowledge and the experience required to ensure that you get a boiler that's just right for your home.

It's your boilers job to provide your home with hot water and heat it, as well. If your boiler breaks down or stops working at maximum efficiency, you need a highly trained, certified, and licensed gas boiler replacement company to replace your unit as soon as possible.​

Gas boiler installation is a job that's best left to the professionals. That's why, if you're in Franklin MA, you should contact the team at G&C Plumbing.

We've been installing boilers in homes throughout the Norfolk and Middlesex Counties for well over 33+ years, and have all the required skills to make sure your home isn't left without hot water or heating for long.

Choosing the Boiler That's Right for Your Home

Our boiler installation service is designed with your comfort and budget in mind. We offer many different models, and are more than happy to consult you regarding where they can and can't be installed.

When it's time to pick a boiler for you home, there are a number of things you need to think about. You need to think about the size, also referred to as it's output. Choosing the right sized boiler is important, and failing to do so may result in you not being able to heat your home properly.

The best thing that you can do is ask a certified engineer what's right for you. Thankfully, our team are able to advise you about what boiler is right for you and your home. We have a range of Burnham and Veissmann boilers that are suitable for all types of homes.

​Burnham are the United States' leading manufacturer of high-quality boilers and each of their products is expected to last well over ten years. Viessmann provides a comprehensive range of boilers that, like Burnham's offerings, are suited for all manner of homes. We're guaranteed to have something from either of these manufacturers that's just right for your property.

The Importance of Boiler Size

Getting the right size boiler in your home is key. The right boiler size lets you to benefit from a warm home without expensive running costs.

​If your boiler is too small, it won't produce enough hot water or heat. As such, you'll have cold rooms and will probably run out of water a lot.

If your boiler is too big, you risk wasting energy. Your boiler will produce more heat than you need as well as more emissions.

​If you are not sure, give us a call 508-426-6969 and get a second opinion.

The Installation Process

The installation process is simple, when we're on the job. We aim to work with minimum disruption to you and your family, and we treat your home as if it were our own - with the utmost respect.

  • When we arrive with your boiler, we remove it from its packaging and "dress" the boiler by fixing all the necessary parts together.

  • We make sure that you have the right piping and circulators so that you don't have any problems with your boiler's pump.

  • It's important that you have enough venting for your boiler to run safely. How much venting depends on which boiler you choose. Don't worry, our team will take care of all of this.

  • The final part of the installation process is connecting the gas. This is different depending on whether you use propane or natural gas.

Turning Your Boiler On

When everything is connected, it's time to turn your boiler on. Once the water is being supplied and the recommended operating pressure has been reached, your boiler will be good to go.

Seeing as you followed the advice of the team at G&C Plumbing and Heating, your home will now be equipped with a boiler that heats every room, gives you hot water as and when you need it, and releases as few emissions as possible.

- Maria S.

The crew recently installed a new gas boiler in my home. Honest, did not try to oversell to me. In and out in one day, on time as well. They thoroughly explained the system. Will be using them for all my future plumbing needs.


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