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Announcement: G&C Plumbing Staff Pass Certification Workshop, "Developing Winning Trainers"

G&C Plumbing & Heating would like to congratulate and recognize our dedicated staff. They recently completed a certification workshop this June. The workshop, Learning Alliance’s “Developing Winning Trainers” is training for our G&C staff. Its purpose is to help us improve our services.

Effective leadership is a necessary key for any business. And, training is what helps to drive the success of our business. When managers and technicians are well-trained, they are more efficient. They can also produce better results. The training helps us enhance the way we teach our employees.

The tools we learned in this insightful program will help our teams. They can offer better assistance that we can pass on to our customers.

“Developing Winning Trainers” Workshop

The three-day workshop, Developing Winning Trainers” consisted of all-day training sessions. The POP training model that’s used offers some of the best techniques. These can help managers train their technicians on any new task.

Covered topics included:

  • Ways to understand and interpret adult learning theory

  • How to develop a foundation that can help you with learning objectives

  • Ways that you can evaluate your