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Redesigned Ribbon and Advanced Refinement:Control the ribbon display to suit your needs, whether that’s your drawing volume, your speed, or your favorite tools. (video: 0:31 min.)Understand the power of labels:Label attributes like Hidden, Auto Increment, and Hide Records improve your workflows by eliminating errors and making your designs more consistent.Easier to use 3D models:Save time and effort by easily importing, editing, and exporting 3D models. (video: 0:57 min.)Geometric Object Databases:Easily access geometric information in a 3D model. Select and place geometry anywhere on a 3D model, and instantly see the associated type, dimensions, and comments. (video: 0:52 min.)Share your designs on any device:Use your Autodesk account to wirelessly share and publish your work anywhere. A Link to the Autodesk Cloud allows you to access any file on your Autodesk account on any device. (video: 1:53 min.)Advanced Tabs:Each tab in the ribbon has been redesigned to be more customizable and useable.Ribbon Customization:New customizations to the ribbon, like Quick Tools, will be more accessible and intuitive.3D Printer tool improvements:The new 3D Printing tool is more accurate and ensures correct geometry for many more types of print jobs, including adding support structures for the more complex print jobs.Floor Plan Design tool:Fully integrated with AutoCAD, the Floor Plan Designer tool makes designing floor plans easier, faster, and more accurate. Easily create complex floor plans, and collaborate on design with colleagues, without worrying about coordinate compatibility.Redesigned Context-Sensitive Help and Expert Mode:Professional Autodesk designers and expert users can now access a new help section with more context-sensitive help content, especially relevant to their most frequently used tools. This new help section is automatically displayed, when relevant, for the tool in use, making it even easier to access.Extended Refinement and Drafting Improvements:The Power Drafting Tools tool enables you to create a drawing from a single component, and refine the drawing layer-by-layer. 2be273e24d

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