Stop Plumbing Emergencies

Stop Even More Plumbing Emergencies Before They Happen.

Greg and Brandon have witnessed their fair share of plumbing catastrophes; most have to do with water in all the wrong places. Again, plumbing isn’t always pretty, but the guys at G&C try their best to keep it from ruining your weekend, holiday, or return from vacation. The father and son team from Franklin, MA suggest the following to avoid even more serious plumbing problems before they start.

Yippee, Mom installed a pool in the basement!

“Know where your main shutoff valve is located,” implores Greg to avoid unexpected pools. Most homes have dozens or hundreds of different valves to make up a plumbing system, but the main water valve controls the flow of all water into your home.

The main shut off valve is usually located at the lowest level of your home on a wall closest to the street. Did you find it? Good. Now, test the valve to make sure it turns off properly. Greg and Brandon suggest hanging a large tag labeled “main valve” or “turn me” from the valve handle so all members of your household can find it in case a pool starts forming in your basement. If you are going to be gone for more than a week, it’s always smart to shut off this valve off before leaving despite your kid’s nagging desire for an indoor pool.

Keep The Rinse Cycle in Your Washing Machine

Another plumbing point that can be become problematic is a set of rubber connection hoses on your washing machine. “These hoses can dry out, burst and the next thing you know, the rinse cycle is happening in your family room,” said Brandon. To avoid this plumbing problem, check the hoses twice year for cracks and blisters. If crawling behind your washer twice a year is going to be a long shot, you might want to call G&C to replace the rubber hoses with steel models and have them install a single-lever shutoff valve that is easy to reach.

Next month on Plumbers Without Cracks we’ll explore the nature of The Almighty Water Heater. Until then, continue looking for your main shutoff valve and keep those pants pulled up!

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