Home Winterization Tips

We interrupt your regularly scheduled “Oh Good, You’re Going to Replace that Old Water Heater,” to bring you this Halloween Spooktacular:

Re-Occuring Nightmare on Your Street

The sight was unbearably gruesome. Greg and Brandon Sheck, the father and son team from G&C plumbing and Heating, approached the scene cautiously. The melting spring snow was almost indistinguishable from the bulbous mass around the garden hose protruding from the otherwise well manicured home. The plumbers braced themselves.

“NNNNNOOOOOO,” cried the homeowner, falling to his knees at the sight of the water squirting out from behind his new, and freshly painted, cedar shake shingles. Brandon placed his hand on the client’s heaving shoulder, looked at his dad and shook his head. It was hard to witness such neglect. Greg nodded, understanding his son’s dismay. He knew his client hadn’t intended to completely destroy the entire lower level of his home by leaving the garden hose connected and the exterior water on all winter. It was mistake. People get busy. But, such a sight still sent waves of nausea through the master plumber. If only they could go back in time, to October, before the mayhem, and warn everyone of what was coming. Could they stop the destruction from happening again?

Disconnecting hoses and shutting off water to outside faucets are two of the most important things you can do to save yourself from a nightmare on your street! “It’s very important to disconnect hoses as water will be trapped in the line and cause the outside faucet to freeze and split,” said Greg. October is the perfect time to do this, and, good news, it’s easy!

  • Disconnect the hoses – Drain them and hang them up for the winter. Your hoses will last longer, be less likely to leak at the connectors, and be less likely to develop splits that leak when the hose is pressurized.

  • Close the shut-off valves – From inside your home, close the shut-off valve(s) that control the flow of water to the outdoor faucets.

  • Open the faucets – Back outside, let any residual water drain out of the outdoor pipe. Creating an air space within the short segment of pipe gives residual water room to expand if it freezes. If you have a frost-damaged outdoor fixtures – replace them!

We now return your to your regularly scheduled program…..BOO!

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