G&C Saves the Day During Home Evaluation

It was a typical day for the fantastic father and son duo of G&C Plumbing and Heating. The guys were providing excellent service during a home evaluation when suddenly they discovered their customer’s drains were piped completely wrong and illegally, and sewer gases were escaping directly under the new-born baby’s room (GASP)!

Luckily, G&C was there to save the day!

“It irritates me that not all “experts” are willing to take the time to make sure things are done properly,” said Greg Sheck, the Grand Master Plumber and repiping extraordinaire from G&C.

“This home had passed a home inspection, yet our guys immediately found plumbing leaks and the area where the most sewer gases were escaping were directly under the baby’s bedroom!” (Greg was not happy about how his customer had been treated, in case you hadn’t noticed)

This Requires a Home Repiping

Clean water enters a house at a pressure of 50-60 psi through supply lines. Dirty water, pulled down by gravity, exits through the drainpipes, while air coming through the vents keeps the drains flowing smoothly. “It’s a wonderfully simple and durable system when done properly,” said Sheck. “The network of pipes under your home should last a life time.”

There’s more to proper plumbing than just following the codes and rules.

Planning and installing a system that’s quiet, efficient, and leak free is something of an artform, or super-hero skill. You can actually see the skill in action when you watch the G&C team because they: Take the time to arrange pipes and valves for ease of maintenance, avoid wasting material or weakening framing, and take extra care to wipe joints clean.

When a home system is not done properly, it’s what you can’t see that is the big problem. Underneath the house, the leaky sewage can cause significant damage to your home and threaten the health of your family.

Older or improperly installed drainage systems can:

  1. Cause serious health risks

  2. Cause sewage smells in your home

  3. Slow drains

  4. Cause toilets to over flow or flood

  5. Flood bathrooms when running the laundry or dishwasher

  6. Cause leaks from drain pipes in ceiling and walls

  7. Result in pipe splitsResult in visible corrosion

  8. Attract bacteria and sewage bugs (GROSS)

Whether you have older pipes or poorly installed ones, experiencing continual plumbing repair issues is a good indicator that the material is simply not up to the task. These repairs don’t need to be just leaks; constant clogging is also a sign of deteriorating pipes that are keeping water from efficiently flowing. “Interestingly, overly high-water pressure is another sign of poor quality or deteriorating pipes,” said Sheck.

G&C takes the time to do it right

Don’t risk your family’s health to save a buck. When you are looking for a crew to install a home piping system, make sure they intend to include shutoff valves for every fixture and appliance, and plenty of vents.

“Code dictates the proximity of vents to drains and experts should know this,” said Sheck. “If the vent is too far away, it won’t be able to break the vacuum and allow fast drainage so when you pull the plug on say a bathtub, you’ve got 40 gallons of water escape, but if there’s a vacuum, it can pull the water out of all the traps in the house.”

Thanks for Saving the Day, Guys!

The bottom line to ensuring a plumbing system is installed correctly is having a team with the know-how that actually cares enough to spend the time it takes to do it properly. G&C is that team. “We strive to be best customer service company in the plumbing industry,” said Sheck!

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