G&C is Proud to Offer BioOne®

Your septic tank is full of living organisms eating the fats, oils, greases, and organic matter collecting in your waste systems. Keeping these systems in balance is critical for healthy septic tanks, pipes, and grease traps.

This is why G&C Plumbing and Heating is proud to offer BioOne to their customers.

BioOne is safe and effective at reintroducing the bacteria needed for balanced and healthy septic systems and is also effective in drain field repair. “Customers don’t realize that when they use Anti-bacterial soaps and other harmful products or chemicals, the biproducts are killing off the good bacteria in their drains,” said Greg Scheck, Master Plumber from G&C. “By regular adding BioOne to drains, you can virtually eliminate many unexpected problems that often require a plumber.”

That’s right, G&C want’s you to buy BioOne so you don’t have to call and pay a plumber (you read that correctly).

“What is the most surprising, is the product is 100 percent safe and even manufactured to food standards,” said Sheck. “But, don’t eat it, it’s not food!” That said, you can make the analogy that drain pipes are like the arteries of your plumbing system and they need maintenance to stay healthy – just like you need healthy food.

Here is how it works

BioOne comes in ready-to-use 64oz. solution containers. The product is microbial (the first ever, and patented) and is composed of 100% live vegetative microbes. “Essentially, this good stuff eats the bad stuff,” said Sheck. It’s non-pathogenic (because that would be horrible) and completely safe around people, pipes, and pets.

By regular adding BioOne to drains, you can virtually eliminate many unexpected problems that often require a plumber

G&C recommends purchasing the two pack of BioOne to jump start the biological action in your septic system.  Whether the system is new or newly pumped, add one bottle directly to provide a solid base of bacteria and use the second bottle to treat if you notice changes in your system.

Contact the guys today to learn more about this amazing product and how you can get your hands on it!

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