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G&C Gains Over 100 Diamond Club Members

G&C Gains Over 100 Diamond Club Members

G&C Plumbing and Heating recently introduced a priority service membership program for customers to take advantage of front-of-line service options and valuable discounts on service and repairs. Many customers have seen the value in membership and are signing up to save.

“The Diamond Club is a priority service membership program for preferred G&C customers,” said Greg Sheck, Grand Master Plumber from G&C. “We unveiled the program in the spring of 2018, and response has been unbelievably positive.”

Membership is perfect for customers looking to protect their home from unexpected plumbing emergencies. Membership benefits include preferred pricing on service and repairs and reduced service fees.

Diamond Club Membership highlights included:

  • Front of the line same-day emergency service

  • Front of the line non-emergency service within two days

  • Annual plumbing checkup10% Discount on service and repairs

  • Free bottle of BioOne® ($59 value)

  • Three-year service guarantee (Three times the industry average)

“This is a great idea for people who own older homes and are planning to do major upgrades in the future,” said Sheck. Imagine you have a historic home and your plumbing is in question, but you know you also need to eventually replace your heating system. “The Diamond Club membership allows you to protect your home and its history without making a multi-thousand-dollar investment,” said Greg. This way, you can save for your upgrade without worrying about the safety and security of your home.

Club membership is also perfect for newer homes. “If you have a newer plumbing and heating system, membership provides you with discounts and front-of-line service to keep that system running at peak performance, so it will last longer,” said Sheck.

Call G&C today to discuss your plumbing needs and determine if Diamond Club Membership is right for you.



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