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Breakfast with G & C Plumbing and Heating

Do you ever wonder why the G&C guys are always happy with smiles on their faces? It’s because they really like their jobs. One of the reasons they like working together is because every Friday Greg and Brandon Sheck treat their crew to breakfast.

“We started the tradition when it was just Brandon and I,” said Greg Sheck, Grandmaster Plumber and founder of G&C Plumbing and Heating. “We would talk about projects and business, but mostly we would laugh and relax before starting the day.”

As the G&C team grew, so did Friday morning breakfast, and Greg soon realized that the tradition did more than just allow for some downtime before a busy work day, it provided an important opportunity for the team to bond and discover new and unique ways to assist each other in plumbing mysteries and life.

“It may have started innocently enough as just a nice way to kick off a Friday,” said Greg. “But, breakfast with the team has become one of our most important team-building practices and the routine of it occurring every Friday means the practice is constantly reinforced.”

At breakfast, Greg and Brandon are able to model the professionalism and customer service standards they demand from the team. “Everyone just leaves full, happy and with a true understanding of what it means to deliver the best service in the plumbing industry,” said Greg.

Greg and Brandon believe strongly in the importance of team building. The simplicity of their weekly breakfast helps promote and build trust in the team and helps maintains the high company morale G&C is so proud of. “I’ve also discovered that the time we spend together helps uncover the various leadership qualities team members have,” said Greg. “It’s important for me to help everyone reach their highest potential and when they have time to discuss areas of interest in a group, I am able to match that with training opportunities.”

So, if you ever find the G&C team at your front door on Friday morning, be sure to ask them where they went to breakfast. Then, sit back and relax in knowing that you are in the hands of the highest skilled, friendliest, and best-fed plumbing team around!



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