Bathroom Remodel Franklin MA

There is nothing more fascinating to a master plumber like Greg Sheck than coming across antique relics in bathrooms, covered floor to ceiling, with pink tile…

Sure, Greg and Brandon of G&C Plumbing and heating can come by and fix your leaky, robin’s egg blue sink.

Ok, they can come back and reseal your pink toilet.

No problem, they’ll be back over to stop the water from leaking through the bright yellow tile in your tub.

And on, and on, and on…

BUT, what if you could have Greg and Brandon come, once and for all, rip all that “nostalgia” out, and update your bathroom to a century where they actually still manufacture the parts that make up your sink, tub, and toilet?


That’s right, although Greg can talk for hours about the engineering genius behind Victorian era toilet bowls, the master plumber understands the frustrations of living in antiquity which is why he has…

A general contractor’s license!

“I wanted to be able to provide customers the plumbing expertise required in bathroom remodeling projects, from start to finish,” said Greg about why he felt the license was important to his business.

“As a plumber, I am able to see the bigger picture in a bathroom remodel and save customers some money by taking out the middle man. Brandon and I do all the work ourselves and call in experts for detailing and carpentry work.”

Benefits of having it done right the first time.

One of the biggest advantages to having your bathroom professionally remodeled by G&C Plumbing and Heating is the result. They just do it better, and that can substantially increase the value of your home and its energy efficiency.

True, having the guys come in might be a little more expensive than you slaving away for six to eight months with a how to book from Home Depot, but the overall costs of remodeling will depend on how much work you want done and the type of fixtures you choose as replacements.

  • The guys understand what works in a bathroom – From selecting and installing proper title that you won’t slip on, to determining the best placement for vanities, tubs and toilets; the guys understand the mechanics behind each aspect involved in your bathroom because that’s what they specialize in.

  • The guys think about function when designing a bathroom – Custom shower doors that prevent water from escaping. Installing a handrail in a shower to prevent injury. Installing outlets that shut off if an electrical item falls into water.

  • The guys focus on efficiency – From installing efficient toilets and shower-heads to selecting tubs that fill with less water, this know-how can save you some green on water bills. Heat exchangers and more efficient water heaters can save on gas bills. Timers on bathroom fans, better lighting, or a glazed window can save on electricity bills. G&C Plumbing and Heating totally gets this and can get it done right!

So, if you’re ready to ditch the pink tile and those crazy glass flowers holding up your 50-year-old vanity mirror, give Greg and Brandon a call. They’ll be honored to look through your water closet antiques and more than happy to make honest and helpful suggestions on how to bring your John into this century.

Interesting antiquity tidbit – the term “John,” when used to reference the toilet, comes from Sir John Harrington. One of Queen Elizabeth’s 102 god-children, Harrington is credited with devising Britain’s first flushing toilet.