Bathroom Remodel 101 - Setting the Timeline

How long is all this going to take? Am I going to be out on the streets showering in the sprinkler for months while my bathroom is being remodeled?

Greg and Brandon of G&C Plumbing and Heating get asked this all the time: how long will this renovation take? It’s a good question and one you should think about when planning your bathroom remodel. If you’re planning to have 20 people stay at your house over the holiday’s you might not want to schedule the remodel anytime around that event. It sounds simple enough, but you really should expect a month or two of planning and picking out materials and finishes even before hammer meets the wall.

I have clients who like to do their own research and prepare their budget before even contacting us,” said Greg.

Once all of your homework and preparations are complete, you should expect two to four weeks for construction, depending on the scope of the project. “If we are doing a full remodel, expansion, and all new plumbing that needs to be taken into consideration when building out a timeline.”

Bottom Line

The guys at G&C pride themselves on sticking to their word. If they say a project will take four weeks after going over your plans, budget, and materials, they will do all they can to stick to their plan because they understand just how hard it is to live in a house with a non-functioning bathroom. They are people too!

So, to figure out your timeline, decide which level of remodeling your project falls into. Refer to our Plain Jane or Fancy John blog to help you decide. Greg suggests not getting too carried away with planning before reaching out to a professional for help.

To get a bit of a visual of the situation, Lee Wallender, a home renovations expert, provided this handy chart for what he would consider a small bathroom remodel in his article on This would fall under the G&C category of a “Better Bathroom Remodel.”

The timetable assumes everyone showed up on time, didn’t work on the weekends, and materials were readily available. It also assumes you didn’t change your mind about something in the middle of the remodel – Greg suggests that can really slow the process down.


We hope this time frame example is helpful in figuring out when is the best time in your busy lives to get a remodel rolling. Of course, this is only an example of an average remodel, be sure to chat with Greg and Brandon to get a more customized plan for your project.

They are happy to help!