Bathroom 101 - Where to Save and When to Splurge

Welcome back to G&C Plumbing and Heating’s amazing blog series about remodeling your bathroom. Greg and Brandon Sheck know all the tricks to the trade of giving you the bathroom of your dreams at a price you will be proud of.

So, let’s continue.

You had some homework last month to consider how much you wanted to invest in a bathroom remodel and what materials you wanted to use. You also were asked to consider how the budget and material fit into the current value and resale value of your home…

How did it go?

“It’s really handy for customers to have a general understanding of what materials cost so when we discuss their hopes and dreams for their bathroom remodel project there are no surprises,” said Greg.

Greg actually suggests figuring out exactly how you use the bathroom to decide how best to spend your budget on materials. “Mentally walk through your day and decide how you want to use the space versus how the space works for you today,” said Greg.

Where to Save

Some bathrooms play different rolls (pun intended) in your life and home.

“Consider how many times each day you enter the bathroom, what you do there, and why. Now figure out how you want the new space to be different,” said Greg, not meaning to get too personal.

Some examples:

A master bath is often considered the second most important space in the house, next to the kitchen. This is your biggest hope of attaining the dream of enjoying a soak in a tub and reading a magazine in peace. Go Big.

The full bath, or family bathroom, is generally a space for everyone where function trumps fashion. “If your toddler is impressed with a vessel sink and granite countertop, that’s impressive, but probably not necessary,” Greg says. Go Cheap.

A three-quarter bath includes a toilet, sink and shower. These spaces are generally not a place people enjoy hanging out. They are about utility. Go Cheap.

The powder room or half bath is a tiny spot that can pack a serious design punch. Here is a fancy opportunity for when you have guests over and want to make a big impression and show off a bit of your style. Go Big!

Then the questions get even more personal from here to further pinpoint how to use your budget…

How many people do you want to be able to soak in the tub at one time? Do you shower alone? How many sinks do you need to accommodate a frantic morning? Do you want a more private space for the toilet? How is the ventilation working in a high traffic bathroom? How old are you, and are you planning to stay in your current home when you are older?

“Looking at the big picture of what kind of bathroom you want to remodel and the needs it should serve in the future really helps solidify not only a budget, but customer satisfaction,” said Greg.

When to Splurge

In any of the bathrooms above, there is room for extravagance. If you are looking for a bit of that, consider some of the following as upgrades for yourself and home value. They are not necessarily super expensive, just upgrades:

  • Radiant flooring. Imagine getting out of that tub.

  • Stain-resistant grout. Think of the kids (and possibly pets) bathing in the tub night after night.

  • Great way to get some light into a small three-quarter bath.Heated shower mirror. Extravagant and practical

  • Framed mirrors. They just look awesome.

So, now you have more homework in deciding what function your bathroom should serve and what upgrades you’d like to include. Next time we will break the range of bathroom remodels down from big time to small scale. This way you will know all the ins and outs for when Greg and Brandon come in and rip your old john out.

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