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Do you need a new home heater? Looking for an electric water heater Massachusetts? As a homeowner, you might wonder which is better electric or gas for heating your water? They both have several features and can be cost-efficient. When considering gas or electric water heaters, let G&C Plumbing & Heating help you determine which heater is best for your home and your budget.

Installation Costs for Gas Water Heaters


If you are upgrading your current water heater, you might be curious about new energy efficient heaters. But, you might have a tough time deciding between gas or electric.

Gas Heaters


Gas heaters are generally cheaper than electric. But, factors can include installation costs, convenience, and usage.  


If you have gas lines, you might already be using gas to heat your home. If you want to convert to gas, you might incur a cost that’s thousands of dollars because gas lines have to be installed. Converting to gas will require a gas-fitting service. This is more expensive because a licensed gas fitter has to come out. They will need to make the necessary modifications and install the proper ventilation system. And, your gas heater will require a lit gas burner.


Gas heaters might run up to $30 a month or higher depending on the size of the home. A benefit is that gas burners can continue to run if there’s a power outage!

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Life Expectancy with a Gas Water Heater


Gas water heaters have about the same life expectancy. Life expectancy may vary though, depending on water quality, installation quality, and maintenance. Water quality is a factor because well water contains minerals and iron that can accumulate in your tank over time. But, softer water is more beneficial for the life of your tank. With water heaters, you might be able to extend the life of your water heater if you change the anode rod every 3-5 years.


Usage and Convenience


Gas water heaters are more efficient than electric water heaters. But, not everyone wants to incur the cost of a gas line installation. Another option is to switch to an energy-efficient electric water heater and keep an eye on your consumption. You can look for ways to block out drafts with thicker curtains, heavy blankets, and insulation to ensure heat stays in and cold stays out!


Regardless of your choice, G&C Plumbing & Heating is here to help. Whether you’re replacing your existing water heater or installing a new one, our experienced technicians can assist you.

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