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Electric Water Heater Installation


Have an electric water heater problem? Not having a functioning water heater isn’t an option for a lot of families. That’s why here at G&C Plumbing, we’ve taken steps to become a premier water heater installation and water heater repair service provider. What sets us apart is that we specialize in water heaters and handle all aspects of repairs, installation and maintenance. And, we work on tankless, tanked and electric heaters.


If you need an electric water heater installation, don’t waste a second of your time calling around for quotes and waiting for someone to get back to you. Call us today at (508) 541-8783 so we can get started!

Water Heater Installations


If you find that your current water heater can’t be repaired, a replacement might be the option. When considering new water heaters, energy-efficient models can help reduce your electric bills. This can put more savings back in your wallet. And, electric water heaters are cheaper because they don’t require gas.


At G&C Plumbing, we take time in measuring your home to ensure the correct fit for your new water heater system. We will present you with the best water heater options suited for your home and affordable to your budget.


We install the following types of water heaters:

Finding the Right Water Heater


Water heaters are essential for cooking, space heating, personal hygiene, cleaning and more. But, if you’re having a water-heating problem or you need emergency plumbing, a new water heater might be recommended.

If you’re thinking about having a new water heater installed, there are a few questions you should ask.


These include:

  • How many people live in your home and what is your water usage?

  • How much are you currently paying on utility bills?

  • Did your old system provide the right pressure water?

  • Was your old system set at the right temperature?


When we replace your water heater, our professional plumbers will handle removing your old unit and properly disposing of it. Our water heater team of experts will ensure all connections are handled safely with your new installation. And, we can help if the water heater has to fit in an unusual space. Or, if you have storage requirements that have changed since you installed your initial water heater.

Common Electric Water Heater  Questions

How install electric water heater?

  1. Turn off power at electrical panel.
  2. Drain water disconnect plumbing.
  3. Removed old water heater after disconnecting electrical.
  4. Hook up water, then electrical, fill heater and check for leaks.
  5. Connect electrical.
  6. Purge air.
  7. Turn power on

How to reset electric water heater?

Flip the breaker panel switch.

How to flush electric water heater?

Open drain valve and run a garden hose to a disposable area. Make sure you turn power off.

How to install electric water heater wiring?

Turn the breaker panel off. Check with electrical tester. Disconnect each wire. Connect new wires after install. Purge tank, turn breaker on.

How electric water heater works?

Electric elements heat up the surrounding water.

How to clean electric water heater?

Install a Descaling filter.

How much does electric water heater cost?

Every project varies, but to install electric water heaters is approximately $1,800 installed.

How to replace electric water heater element?

Turn off power to water heater. Drain the tank disconnect electrical remove element replaced with new.

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At G&C Plumbing, we can help you explore which water heaters will best suit your needs and which are the most affordable options. We even offer flexible payment terms for financing your new water heater. And, we honor manufacturers’ warranties. Contact us today to get your water flowing again!